The Salon Varietes Theatre Presents 

Ben Hur – A Comedy 

Brought to you by the same writer (Patrick Barlow) and director (Owain Griffiths) who gave you the hilarious 39 Steps! 

Production Dates

November 15th to November 19th 2019 

Audition Date

Saturday September 7th from 11am to 2pm – come prepared.


  • Time Period: Greek; Roman & Biblical 
  • Duration: 105 Minutes 
  • Setting: The Ancient Roman Empire 1-30 AD 
  • Additional Features: Physical Comedy, Stage Combat 
  • Features / Contains: Period Costumes 


ACTOR 1   (Male – Age late 20s – 30s with a good body) – Melchior, Ben-Hur, Nubian dancer.
ACTOR 2  (Male – Age late 20s – 30s) – Caspar, Archangel Gabriel, Messala, Jesus, Galley Captain, Roman Captain,
Galley Slave 2, Nubian dancer, 
ACTOR 3  (Female 18 – 30) – Mary, Tirzah, Esther, Ancient Slave, Nubian dancer, CatalinyaNaboth, Mrs Pilate. 
ACTOR 4  (Male – Age 60s -70s) –  Balthasar, Sara, Centurion, Slave-driver, Quintus Arrius
, Pontius Pilate. 

Additional Info 

Based on one of the timeless stories of one of the best-selling books of the nineteenth century, this stage adaptation condenses the epic tale so that it can be told by just four actors. The story follows an amateur theatre troupe as they produce the massive tale of the fictional Jewish prince and merchant Judah Ben-Hur. He falls to galley slave and rises to champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus Christ, while the actors struggle along through the piece as rivalries form and offstage romances interfere. Complete with chariot race, sea battle, and stage combat, Patrick Barlow and Owain Griffiths weave their compressed style popularized by The 39 Steps into one of the largest stories ever told.  

Audition pieces will be available from the 2nd of September from the Box Office or contact the director for more information on 622 440164.